Project CUES - MP6 [UE4 Game Ready]

Project Custom Unreal Engine Shading (CUES)
Concept by Soundhunter.

This project was a ton of fun and a chance to push in a different direction. I wanted to see if it was possible to achieve a unique stylized look that would be scalable in a studio environment both internally and with outsource partners. As a result, the textures are 90% procedural and 10% hand-painted. This ensures that all artists on a team would be able to easily replicate the style.

Custom alphas were created to use with the new Slope Blur node as well as custom Fill and Brush alphas. I started with existing Unreal Engine 4 Post Process nodes and edited and combined them to achieve this effect. The stylized highlight was created using a custom HDRI map I painted that is plugged into the emissive color of the shader.

Body: 2k x 2k
Suppressor: 1k x 1k
Magazine: 1k x 1k

Chris stone cstone mp6 01
Chris stone cstone mp6 02
Chris stone cstone mp6 06

Base Post Process

Chris stone cstone mp6 04
Chris stone cstone mp6 05
Chris stone cstone mp6 03
Chris stone mp6 side short 02

Shader in motion