Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - DIY11 Renovator

Responsible for blockout ONLY! (except the extended mag, steady aim, and rapid fire attachments).

I re-did parts of the concept in order to add in some fun animation ideas that I had. We were not able to incorporate every idea; however, the belt fed nails are my favorite. This was a great opportunity to work closely with Animation on something new and I had a lot of fun collaborating with them.

Concept - Elliott Lilly / Albert Ng
Approved Game Model - Christopher Stone / Other
High Poly Model - Ryzin Art
Game Model UVs and Optimizations -Ryzin Art
Texturing/Materials - Ryzin Art / Max Porter

*Screenshots taken on my own time from my personal retail PS4 system. Property of Activision, used with permission.

Christopher stone cstone bo3 diy11 01
Christopher stone cstone bo3 diy11 02